How can we cultivate honesty with Hatha Yoga?

From personal experience, Hatha Yoga has allowed me to cultivate certain attitudes such as peace, calmness, and the joy one receives through a constant yoga practice. Hatha Yoga is powerful technology used to develop skills as well as qualities we can use in our daily lives. One of them is honesty.  Here are some guidelines:

One way to develop honesty is practice yoga postures, look inwards to what is happening in your body, recognize tension and through breathing exercises, release tension. 

Another thing we can do is to notice desires which come from our ego and which can lead us to practice yoga to build strength or increase flexibility leading us away from the essence of yoga which is to become our highest Self,  through our inner calmness as we become one with that Higher expression of ourselves. 

Not hurting ourselves is essential to be honest with ourselves, stretching modestly, and not forcing ourselves to do postures we are not ready for. It is about being in peace with whom we are at that specific moment. 

In a spiritual state, honesty (satya in sanskrit) is synchronizing ourselves with the truth within us with that we perceive from a higher consciousness. 

With constant practice, we can perceive a higher reality which goes beyond our thoughts and emotions. 

The more we practice and experiment, the closer we get to a state of harmony and happiness. I invite you to explore this honesty in your next yoga class and see in what areas of your life you can bring this quality.