Hello, I'm Adriana Buenaventura.


I struggled with overwhelming stress and anxiety for years until I found yoga, meditation, and a healthier lifestyle. They showed me that lasting peace is possible. 

Now, I pursue my dreams without feeling overwhelmed. Feeling healthy.  That was a game changer.

Adriana Buenaventura guides her clients to feel happier, healthier and live purposeful lives in the midst of life’s challenges. She supports men and women who struggle with anxiety to calm their minds, get clarity, and find the courage to make choices that bring fulfillment to their lives.  


An industrial engineer by profession, Adriana discovered the power of yoga and mindfulness in her own wellness journey and found her life’s purpose, becoming an internationally certified yoga therapist and mindfulness mentor. Her clients also benefit from her life and nutrition coaching.


As a long-time meditator and practitioner of Ananda yoga, Ayurveda, and various healing techniques, Adriana draws on her inspiring journey recovering from emotional and physical trauma to help others recover and thrive. Her understanding and compassion for those who have experienced suffering in any form is complemented by extensive experience with meditation and yoga through which she helps her clients free themselves from their body reactions and come back to their calmness within.


Adriana lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she teaches yoga to people of all paths and help them make the necessary life changes needed to attain their fullest potential. Her peaceful and joyful demeanor as well as her healing from trauma inspires her clients to be the very best with their families, at work, and with themselves. She is also fluent in both English and Spanish.