Meet Adriana

Back in 2012, after being a Marketing Specialist for several years, Adriana started to feel the need to align with her purpose.  Life was calling for a change, in many areas, including in the area of career.  She knew there was something out there, some other way in which she could express herself more completely and work with people at a deeper personal level.   

However it felt like a daunting task to leave all the safety of the "known" behind to pursue some dream. 

Nevertheless, she followed that voice that said it would be much more painful to stay where she was.  So, she mustered up the courage, and quit her job to embark on a journey of self-discovery where she discovered her true passion.  

She has been successfully teaching and guiding those who are struggling with anxiety and are looking to find peace and calmness in the midst of their busy lives.   She became a yoga therapist, meditation instructor and a life coach.  More recently, Adriana is tapping in one of her passions, which is  supporting professionals who feel stuck or unhappy in their careers, find their true passion, create a plan and find the clarity, courage and calmness to follow their life’s purpose and calling, so that they can find the fulfillment they are longing in their lives.