Meet Adriana


Adriana Buenaventura supports her clients to feel happier, healthier and live purposeful lives in the midst of their daily challenges.  An Industrial Engineer by profession, Adriana found her true purpose and as a result changed careers into the field of yoga therapy, mindfulness and mentorship.  She is also a C-IAYT and Ananda Certified Yoga Therapist, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, life coach and nutrition coach.

Adriana is long-time meditator and practitioner of yoga, ayurveda and various healing techniques.  She draws on her inspiring journey recovering from emotional and physical trauma.  Her peaceful and joyful demeanor inspires her clients to be very best with their families, at work and with themselves.

More recently, Adriana is tapping in one of her passions, which is supporting professionals who feel stuck or unhappy in their careers, find their true passion, create a plan and find the clarity, courage and calmness to follow their life’s purpose and calling, so that they can find the fulfillment they are longing in their lives.