What is mindfulness / meditation?


Meditation is the process of returning to your own center. It is learning to relate to life and to your environment from who you are, and not from the way other people define you.

Meditation is a mindful practice in which the awareness of who you are and your experience of the present moment are heightened.

Meditation reduces stress and induces calmness.


RESEARCH on stress and mindfulness / meditation:

  • Between 60-90% of doctor’s visits are due to stress-related diseases. Stress is linked hypertension, heart attacks, diabetes, asthma, chronic pain, allergies, headache, backache, cancer, immune system weakness, among others.

  • Meditation lowers blood pressure in people who are normal to moderately hypertensive. This finding has been replicated by more than nineteen studies, some of which have shown systolic reductions of 25 mmHg or more.

  • Meditators are able to reduce chronic pain by more than 50%, while increasing daily function, even 4 years after the completion of and 8-week training course.

  • Meditation helped chronically depressed patients, reducing their relapse rate by half.

  • Meditation makes you younger. Those who had been practicing meditation for more than five years were physiologically 12 years younger than their chronological age, as measured by reduction of blood pressure, and better near-point vision. Short-term meditators were physiologically 5 years younger than their chronological age.

  • Meditation drops medical errors. Twenty two hospitals that implemented a stress prevention program, experienced a 50% drop in medical errors and a 70% reduction in malpractice claims. A control group of twenty two hospitals which implemented no special stress reduction program showed no change in medical errors or malpractice claims.


but… my mind is too active and i can’t sit still

You are not alone, our minds are overactive.

The good news is that it can be trained. With consistent practice your brain will create new neural pathways and it will become easier and easier. So much, that you will not want to quit.

Meditation is a rewarding experience that will change your life forever.



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