I have known Adriana for two-years, and her life purpose is captivating! It all began when I asked her how she radiates such peace and positive energy. She pointed to her forehead and said it begins right here.

I was, standing in my life with a dimly lit candle exhausted, and fearful. Adriana noticed my heavy heart and reached out to me.

I used to meditate but often with someone else’s message. I never learned to meditate and listen to my own voice. As I began to practice the restorative postures and deep breathing from my head to my toes, I began to feel uplifted and incredibly peaceful. I am starting to feel what it means to live totally present. When I began to use the prefrontal lobes of my brain, an enormous light began to shine inside of me and I could actually feel this shift. I now feel my own power and purpose guiding me and this peace is something I carry with me and I can access at anytime. It is my secret garden, my inner purpose, and my voice that is now leading me. Fear and courage are working within me to open doors and my heart radiates enormous love.

Joseph Campbell once said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” It lies inside you. Adriana taught me how to find my inner strength. She is an amazing healer.
Before I met Adriana, I was struggling with high level anxiety and being unsatisfied with my life.
After a few months of working with her, I can say that I have more clarity, and a vision about what I want in life.
She helped me get clarity about the lifestyle that I wanted as well as a new career path. I also I learned what the root cause of my anxiety was.
Now, I feel like things are more clear, whether before I was so confused with many ideas of what I wanted to do.
Now, I understand myself more.
If you think that this is not the time for whatever reason, my suggestion to you is to not let that stop you because getting out of confusion is the best thing you can do for yourself.
— M.A., San Jose, CA
Four years ago, I knew I had to make some changes in my life.
Before I worked with Adriana, I had taken various courses, workshops and seen therapists.
I needed help with emotional healing as I was dealing with emotions such anger, fear and resentment. Even though I had many tools, I still had something inside that did not let me feel free.
Thanks to Adriana’s guidance I was able to go deep into experiences, situations and feelings that were holding me back for 42 years.
I have been able to transform painful experiences into something really wonderful. I feel freer, lighter, more expansive and really enthusiastic to go on with my life, without fearing the obstacles that may come my way. Oddly, I have to say that I even want to face any “negative emotion” that comes up, and give it some love and understanding just as a positive experience.
Now, I am able to find and experience gratitude from the painful experiences of my past, as they have made me who I am today.
Instead of seeing obstacles, I have a newfound purpose in my path to personal growth.
Adriana has guided me through a wonderful adventure, where I have felt safe, supported and connected to her. I am very grateful for her guidance in taking me to a new level of consciousness and teaching me new and practical tools. They truly work!
— Esther. Palo Alto, CA

Before working with Adriana I was going through existential angst about changing my career. We worked on weekly basis for a couple of months and the experience was a truly transformational and life changing. Adriana is knowledgeable and patient. I was able to gain clarity and focus on my goals and priorities by having more compassion on myself. Working on being less intellectual and listening and trusting my heart and gut was extremely helpful.  Thank you Adriana!
— E.T., Mountain View, CA
I was struggling with anxiety, challenges in the relationships with my daugthers and anger and lack of friendliness with my bosses, co-workers and strangers.

These problems made me distracted and less efficient at work. They disrupted sleeping. Made me less social and tolerant of people and increased my tendency to judge. 

What made me decide to move on with coaching is that I realized that I needed to start taking active steps to rebuild my relationship with my daughters and not feel victimized.

Thanks to working with Adriana, I feel more empowered and more comfortable making my interests and needs a priority without feeling guilty or selfish. I’ve never felt that way as an adult.

My confidence level is also really good now. I’m not blind to my faults but feel good about who I am and am starting to trust my instincts more. I am sleeping better and my body feels better. I am more patient with myself and life, I am not as critical as I used to be. I am being friendly and open at work and I have noticed an uptick in my efficiency lately.

A really great part of the coaching was the use of an online log to capture the most salient points of each session. Adriana also responded to questions between sessions which was truly special. It helped reinforce ideas from each session and distinguished her sessions from others I’ve tried. I’m grateful for the thoughtful and constructive feedback she gave.

Adriana has a unique combination of compassion, intelligence and honesty that is comforting and highly motivating. And she has a great sense of humor! I was amazed at the depth of her thoughts and the keenness of her insights. I’m starting to think confidently about my next career move.