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Can yoga really transform you?

#emotions #english #meditation #trauma #yoga Aug 07, 2022
Yoga and meditation are the most powerful tools for lasting change. 
During my first yoga intensive (teacher training), I found  myself sobbing uncontrollably.  I had no idea why.  Later I learned, that I had released trauma lodged in my body.
Yoga paired with meditation is an enhanced combo. Now, that the trauma has been healed, both yoga and meditation keep leading me to places of higher joy, calmness and more fulfilling life.
The truth is that EVERYBODY can benefit from yoga even if they do not think they have trauma.
Let me share with you why everybody should meditate regularly.
Meditation causes changes in the prefrontal cortex which inhibits pain
In 2015, I went through a non-invasive surgery which left me with lots of pain.   Meditation-related techniques, in particular deep belly breathing, helped me reduce the pain greatly within just a few hours post-surgery.
Meditation slows aging
After having run a half marathon in my 40's, sleeping soundly all night, feeling constant high levels of energy, I would say yes.  This is true.   Age is just a number especially when you meditate regularly.  😀
Helps with managing stress and fear
When the pandemic hit in 2020, it felt like even though times were unpredictable, I was inherently well, safe and calm.  I know that having practiced meditation for years led me to feeling "light" during those times.
Increased focus, concentration and will power
Attaining any type of goal requires focus.   I see it reflected in everything I do.  It can be very satisfactory to tackle all your to do's and feel confident that you can handle responsibilities without getting overwhelmed.
All in all, yoga and meditation have given me a more positive perspective and enjoyment of life.
Are you new to mediation?  You can start with 5 minutes a day. If you do it it regularly, you will start to feel the benefits and will not want to go back.
Let me know your thoughts!
Are you a seasoned meditator or in between?  Keep up the great work!
With joy,

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