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Yoga for holistic radiant health

#focus #happy #health #holistic #meditation #productivity #yoga Sep 10, 2022
Yoga for radiant health?  Yes!
Even better for holistic health!  Such as in body, mind, emotions, and spiritually.
The truth is that yoga is much more than just exercise.  When done in a meditative way, with awareness of the underlying energy that activates during the yoga postures, it can direct  this energy towards inner change.   Yoga is great stepping stone towards inner transformation, similar to meditation.
When practicing yoga postures (asanas), start with an attitude of curiosity about yourself.    Be open about what you bring to your practice:  your body's level of energy, the emotions,  thoughts,  discomforts and fears.   
Being curious and non-judgemental towards yourself opens you to gradually accept what is.   With acceptance, you strengthen the ability to being the "observer / spectator" of your movement as well as your emotions, your thoughts, your patterns. 
This will give you a sense of freedom and lightness that was non-existent until then. 
With time, the practice starts to become "alive" as you release emotional and physical tensions by centering your awareness within your spine and up to the point between the eyebrows.  
Then, one day, after consistent practice, you realize that you are different.  That you are not so reactive, easily angered, or saddened.  That you are more productive and focused. That your happiness is not dependent as much on the outer circumstances as much as within yourself.    You discover that you are inherently well and connected.   And this is priceless. 

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