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Life is hard? Hang in there!

Oct 18, 2022

If you know me a little, you might know that I strive to find opportunities in the challenges.    I have the attitude of, come on, Adriana!  Embrace the challenge!   And I have to say, this, as hard as it sounds, it really works.  A year ago, I learned that my dog was ill and they said it would be a matter of weeks/months.  

I had many sleepless nights due to her care and my worries in addition to my already present responsibilities as a business owner and other personal issues.  My schedule and routines changed and and I became aware of new fears.   The list is substantial.  Being stretched in many directions is the least I can say.  Now that this chapter is over, I see how much I have grown: I broke chains of attachments and fears.

Have you felt like life is hard?  Are you on the edge?  Let me share what I did and how it helped me. Perhaps you can find some good ideas for yourself.
  • Be sure you sleep the best that you can
    • Whenever I could, I took a warm bath before bed and most nights, I applied high quality Lavender, Serenity and Balance essential oils on the bottoms of my feet, pillow, and diffuser.  When I woke up between 2:00-4:00 am, I took 2 essential oil-based supplements and went back into sleep.    If you are interested in getting these oils at a discounted price AND my complimentary support,  please get them at a wholesale price HERE.  Know that with the membership you receive 25% in all essential oils and there is NO obligation to order monthly.
  • Look at what is going on in your life and be grateful for what you see.
    • I remember looking at my dog with all her issues and being grateful for what I could see, rather than what was missing.  This practice opened me up for acceptance and now looking back, I am glad I did as I have more good memories with her.
  • Have at least 5-10 minutes in the morning to remind yourself that your challenge will make you stronger.  I sat down to breathe, set the intention, pray and meditate.  If you do not know how to meditate, there are plenty of guided meditations on YouTube.  If you need personalized instruction, I will be happy to help, please reach out to me.
  • If possible, do something every day that will give you joy.  Having a shower without rushing was my little luxury.  When I had more time, I went for an hour walk in nature.   These worked wonders.
  • When your mind starts to spin and worry, ask yourself, what can I do to serve more?  I poured my heart into offering more to my clients.   One little thing you may want to do is sending a heart-felt "I am grateful for you" text to a sibling, friend or someone eles who has not heard from you in a while.    They will feel appreciated and you will get a little break from your own problems.  Having the constant thought of "who I can serve", and taking action, will gradually pull you out of your problems into an expansive and freeing perspective.
  • Find a community of positive people and do things with them!   I feel blessed to have a solid spiritual community that I can connect to.  If you do not have anything like it, there are places like Meet up (website) where you find hiking groups, handcrafting, etc, to socialize and build bonds with others. 
Hang in there!
Please if you are really struggling, reach out for support. I am here for you.
With love,

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