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Emotions vs Productivitiy

#emotions #procrastination #productivity #yoga Apr 27, 2022

Have you noticed that when you are optimistic and happy, it is easier to get things done?

And that in your least productive days, perhaps your emotions got in the way from you getting completing your tasks?


Oh emotions.   Sadness, anger, fear, doubt, shame, anger, dullness, hurt...

How they can distract you!


Emotions are not bad. 

They are here to inform you about what you value in life. 


The problem is when you avoid the discomfort and engage in distractions or procrastination to avoid feeling the pain.


When you get caught up in them you lose your productivity.

They add to your tension.

They steal your energy.


Have you tried to feel them?

I mean instead of running away, actually sit with them and allow them to be?


I have to admit that it can be kind of tricky and uncomfortable to come out of them.

Unless you know what you are doing... how to do it...


It was not until I decided to face the discomfort  of my fearful emotions that I was able to move past them. 

And as a result, I can do MANY more things in my life and my businesses.


When you find yourself not getting things done...

What if you decided to embrace those uncomfortable emotions ?

My suggestion is that you either sit down with them for 1 minute or  

that when you a yoga posture that requieres lots of effort you stay with whatever emotions arise. Breathe.


Give it a try. 


Let me know if you have questions about the process. I'd be happy to help!




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