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Respond vs React

#english #harmony #self-awareness Apr 11, 2022
I learned about this concept while I was taking my Ananda Yoga Therapy Training back in 2013.
Being a Latina I was taught culturally to react vs respond.  I was expected to react emotionally to life's both simple and bigger events.  Being spontaneous, loud, passionate, getting angry easily, being jealous, are attributes that I perceived were part of the " norm" while living in Colombia.  It was normal to react emotionally.  If you do not say what you think with the right intense tone, then you might get stepped over...  I get it, I get it...there are moments to be assertive and there are moments to make yourself be respected, even if that means confrontation.
But, that's not what I am talking about...
Before speaking, pause and feel the intention of what you want to say.  Then, let your words come out from that place.
Before reacting, take a deep breath, and think, what would my highest self do in this situation?  what could my words help in this situation?
I am less and less reactive. 
More and more aware of my responses.
Your actions impact you and the people around you.
Let's make sure that we plant the seeds of harmony in the world by responding, not reacting.
From my center to yours.
P.S.  Yoga postures like tree pose and Angali mudra can enhance the awareness of your balanced centered self.  Angali mudra is depicted in the picture above.

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