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Yoga Postures to increase energy & joy

#english #joy #yoga Feb 20, 2022
Life can be tough.   At some point... something emerges and no one is exempt from a tough road.    People usually think that because I have a positive outlook on life, that my life is pretty smooth… well not all the time.  I can also feel weak and vulnerable... Fortunately,  I know what to do when life gets a little messy... 😀
When things do not go as planned, when heartbreak, disappointment,  financial hardship,  onset or flareup of illness occurs, or when too many responsibilities lead to feeling overwhelmed or lack of fulfillment... and many more unexpected or yet expected events for which we feel momentarily defeated, discouraged, saddened to name a few…
Whenever you think that you have regressed, that you are not moving fast enough, that you should know better, whenever you feel you cannot move forward and life is hard...
There is something you can do about it to turn it around into something great and positive.  Here is what I personally do to arise from any challenge:
  1. Accept  where you are.  See the struggle as an opportunity to grow.   Do not beat yourself up or let it bring you down.   If you dwell and loop around the problem, it will only augment your pain and suffering.  The acceptance phase also includes allowing whatever feelings you are experiencing to emerge so that they can be redirected in a constructive way.   This means to face the discomfort and not get distracted.   For example,  if you are feeling empty with a lack of purpose in life, allow yourself to sit down with the emotion of "emptiness" for a few breaths.   Stay with the discomfort as you breathe deeply.   Emotions are fleeting and tend to dissipate within the 30 seconds.  Ask yourself, what am I to learn from this situation?   Write down what comes up, keeping a journal can be very insightful. 
  2. State that you will face the struggle with courage.   Set the intention to meet it with from your highest self to overcome it or draw wisdom from it.  
  3. Be clear about the outcome.  What would make you feel victorious?  Describe how you would like to feel or what you would like to do, be or become as a result of your challenge.
  4. Redirect your energy through yoga postures.   There is a mutual influence between mind and body    Emotions that make you feel defeated, discouraged or saddened, tend to drop the energy in the body.   You tend to slump, to round your back, you might even look down.    When the emotions or the mind are agitated, then the body is also agitated.  See my suggested yoga postures for increased energy & joy, practice them several times a day or week depending on the intensity of your challenge.
  5. Know yourself and what tools work for you.  The more self-aware you are and know what tools and practices tend to help you move forward and feel up lifted, the better prepared you will be!     Here are some additional ideas to consider:
    1. Practice daily meditation    If this seems daunting now, be in silence for short periods of time and build up
    2. Spend time in nature
    3. Learn about your innate talents.  Take the Gallup Strengths test and get out of the slump by using your high energy talents.  (Let me know if you do it and I will give you a complimentary gift)
And last but not least.  Do not do this alone.  Coming out of tough emotions can take lots of willpower, energy and determination.  It is very powerful to have a supportive community of likeminded friends.  Share your goals with supporting family members and friends.  Find ways to engage in any of the above activities together and regularly.
If you are suffering from a mental health condition   Profesional advise is highly encouraged. Please seek help. 💜

Check out my routine of yoga postures

for increased energy & joy:


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